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Alot of support has gone into the making of the original trailer and pilot for AFK: The Webseries. We want to extend a big thank you to all our sponsors and people who came onboard

Luke Wheeler for your gazebo

Maxwell Nicholson for your armour

Linda Shades for your armour

Patrick Cummensky for costumes

Stallone for your tables

Will Wallace for your Steadycam

Frontier Costumes for your costume

Derek Tomas for your props and costume

Alexandra Pople for making our costume

Pierre and Anna Malan for your facilities

Roseanne Liang

SQS Production

Our subtitlers:


Monica Mu

Johana Caceres Lopez


(if we forget anyone - please be in touch! We try and stay on top of things - but some things do slip through the cracks)

Our lovely extras who came in their own costumes:

Anna Cruse

Derek Tomas

Allen Shaw

Gareth Sandford

Ben Burrowes

People who donated their time!
Jonathan Hopcroft

Helen Au

Sai Kiew Ng

Yingjie Ow

Nick Kelly


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