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Peter Haynes


Peter Haynes is a filmmaker based in Auckland, New Zealand. Director of the award-winning web series Jungle Fever 2: Primal Fury, he is a 13-year veteran of New Zealand's annual 48 Hours film contest - where a number of his entries have competed in the regional finals. Recently he came second place in the international horror film contest ABC's of Death with his intense short T is for Talk.


In 2014, Peter won high praise for his horror short Flicker from the most well known Peter in New Zealand, Lord of the Rings director - Peter Jackson. Mr Jackson detailed it as, 'very clever story-telling ... a genuinely scary, very memorable tale.'


From Peter Haynes: "AFK is the result of about six months of playing World of Warcraft a few years back, resulting in an idea that wouldn't go away quietly. It aims to recapture some of that feeling of discovering a new game for the first time, as well as taking the opportunity for some biting social commentary and of course laugh out loud comedy. It's Lord of the Rings meets Battle Royale meets The Breakfast Club."


The Crew -

We would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all our crew who gave up their time and talent for our six shoot days for the PILOT:

Day 5:

Scott McNeill

Ant Vaughan

Alexx Resch

A full credits list for the rest of the episode can be found on our IMDB page.


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