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Intelligent, adaptable and tough, Q is perhaps the most suited to survive in the game world. With larping, re-enacting and outdoor pursuits among her life skills, she quickly takes on the mantle of leader of the defacto party.

Name: Q (Mia Pistorius)

Level 30 Elvish Ranger

Jack is a real world powergamer, spending most of his waking hours playing the game. He is therefore quite perturbed to discover that his online gaming abilities do not translate into real world survival skills, and certainly do not make him a viable leader.

Name: Jack (Calum Gittins)

Level 80 Human Rogue

Steven is a casual gamer, having just logged on the previous week to see what all the fuss was about. As a real world sportsman and self proclaimed ‘Alpha Male’, he is dismayedto find himself trapped in the body of a petite female.

Name: Steven (JJ Fong)
Level 5 Human Warrior

Name: Brendon (Grae Burton)

Level 74 Human Wizard

Naive and occasionaly annoying, 15 year old Brendon is nevertheless one of the bravest and most loyal members of the party. Trapped in the body of a middle aged man with no magic, Brendon discovers his niche as the groupsmoral compass.

As an ardent cosplayer, Maybel is at least  practiced in taking on different personas. However, finding herself in the body of a male gnome is proving a bit of a stretch, after chosing the character to avoid the constant advances of male players in the game.

Name: Maybel (Ravi Narayan)
Level 79 Gnome Rogue

V’Rugga is an enemy faction player, and therefore doesn’t speak the same language as the other players. Through a combination of sign language and guesswork, they realise themassive Orc is inhabited by the mind of a scared 8 year old boy.

Name: V’Rugga (Dallas Barnett)
Level 56 Orcish Warrior

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